For public shows, we most commonly provide straight murder mysteries. While we say commonly, there is nothing common with the shows we produce. We often sell out the venue and provide an experience that earns a great reputation and brings people back for future shows!

We begin as people approach the door, mingle with them in character during cocktails, create arguments and fights during the dinner that have people laughing as they eat, have the murder towards the end of the meal and create a comedy routine as audience members are interrogated, and then tables solve the crime by working together.

We also have may other formats that we can follow and create customized approaches to take full advantage of your event and keep people laughing.


Simply talk to us to find the best solution for your budget and venue!

Participation Events

Participation Events

From Clue Parties with everyone playing characters, to Cambridge Solutions with a few people playing characters, we help participants to be the stars of the show!

Frick and Frack

Frick & Frack Show

We use professional comedians to interact with your crowd and create a murder mystery on the fly. It's a great alternative to your more standard approaches for groups with friends who know each other.

Straight Murder

The Straight Murder

The industry standard with our own great twists has our MADE Comedy professionals interacting with your group leading to a murder and a comedic investigation.

Gala Mystery

The Gala Mystery

For large events, we bring a small army to entertain. It helps us give the audience multiple things to look at and we drive their attention around fun activities.

While we can use any of these formats at your venue, we can discuss these options and come up with the best approach for your restaurant and your budget!

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